The Year the World Stood Still
Lyndell Clark and
Taylor Ross
978-1-6641-0259-0 | Paperback | $15.99

This is a positive and light-hearted story about the coronavirus outbreak reassuring children that what is of true value cannot be taken by a pandemic. Read on!

The Big Sad
Lyndell Clark and
Taylor Ross
978-1-6641-0174-6 | Paperback | $19.99

This illustrated children’s book narrates a heartfelt story about Bentley Bunny’s growing struggle with anxiety and childhood depression, which he refers to as “The Big Sad.”

The Good Kids Books
The Girl Who Sucked
Her Thumb

Jessica Botha
978-1-6641-0015-2 | Paperback | $15.99

Amy is a good kid with a bad habit. She sucks her thumb—a lot. Find out what motivated her to make the decision all on her own to overcome her bad habit.

Where Does the Food You Eat Come From?
Anne Wigglebottom
978-1-7960-0350-5 | Paperback | $34.99

This book educates children about why farmers are important, why they matter to our lives, where our food comes from in its most natural state before it hits the supermarket shelves.

Harry, COVID-19, and the Friendly Little Housefly
Adam Kaczanowski
978-1-6641-0499-0 | Paperback | $19.99

Due to COVID-19, Harry can’t leave his house and gets lonely until he befriends a kind little housefly that brings him joy and companionship.

Chase and the Trampoline Car
Meridyth Sutherland
978-1-7960-0346-8 | Paperback | $29.99

This book tells the story of Chase, a little boy with a big imagination. He visualizes a car out of an upturned trampoline and has adventures.

A Good Ghost - Story
Brian S Overmass
978-1-6641-0212-5 | Paperback | $24.99

This children’s book follows the developing friendship between Bobby, a 12-year-old boy who is bullied at school, and a group of ghosts who live in an abandoned house.

Seeing Crows Often
Michelle Rossi
978-1-6641-0127-2 | Paperback | $19.99

A story of a mysterious crow and how it affected the day-to-day life of a curious little girl. Is the crow magical? Will they be friends? Read to find out!