Bobby No Luck
Sean Sullivan
978-1-6641-0254-5 | Paperback | $15.99

A sweet story about a young boy who learns the importance of friendship and optimism. A relatable story driven by a main character young readers may recognise themselves in.

An Octopus Who Was Too Touchy Feely
Anne Wigglebottom
978-1-6641-0033-6 | Paperback | $19.99

Designed for teenagers and pre-teens, this book educates readers about the boundaries of safe touch and bad touch in a friendly fun way that they can understand.

Tam Tam the Cat
Elanor Seeto
978-1-9845-0538-5 | Paperback | $19.99

Tam-Tam the Cat befriends Lulu the bird. They like each other and Lulu does not want to leave Tam-Tam and Sam when he tried to encourage the bird to leave.

The Dollsnatcher
John Dodd
978-1-6641-0307-8 | Paperback | $19.99

When Cynthia’s dolls began disappearing, she had no idea what to do. No one could help her—not even her own family.
This mystery story is only solved on the last page.

Buddy the Grumpy Fountain
Jackie Childs
978-1-6641-0134-0 | Paperback | $19.99

When children drop garbage in Buddy the water fountain, he gets mad, but learns that losing his temper only makes things worse.

Wally the Whippet
Jessica Mendes
978-1-9845-0724-2 | Paperback | $15.99

Fearing his dinner may never arrive, a curious whippet named Wally takes search.

Waiheke Westies
Jock and Lassie Arrive
Anne Hume
978-1-5434-9707-6 | Paperback | $24.99

Read about two dogs' car ferry journey to Waiheke Island, the sights they see and Jock's misadventure when his curiosity about Waiheke's sea life gets the better of him!

Kay the Kelpie
Jessica Mendes
978-1-6641-0252-1 | Paperback | $15.99

Kay the Kelpie tells the story about an adorable Australian Kelpie and her love for her best friend, her favorite stuffed toy, which she calls Madeline.